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Before Your First Lesson

Complete These Tasks Before The Lesson Starts!


  • Fill in the document with your personal details required and Sign the document agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

  • "Share your Licence" - MUST BE COMPLETED! Your driving licence needs to be checked for any penalties or points which is now done electronically. Use the government website:

You will need your: 
   ⁃    national insurance number 
   ⁃    driving licence number
   ⁃    postcode


Text/ message me back with a:
   ⁃    Unique Code which is case sensitive & 
   ⁃    the last 8 digits of your driving licence.    for example: 192GT9BD

  • Payment by BACS, I will send details via text.

On Your First Lesson

You Will Need: 


  • Your driving licence (and all future lessons)

  • Payment (if paying by cash)

  • Printed document Data Protection Policy 

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