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What should I do before my first driving lesson?


You will need your

If these steps are not completed before your lesson begins, we cannot continue 

Average number of hours?


The DVSA recommend 45 lessons with an approved driving instructor and 20-25 private tuition.  However this is individual and throughout your lessons we can discuss how many more you are needed before test ready. 


Recommend A Friend & Posting Positive Reviews

MUST BE A LEARNER WITH NIKI DRIVER TRAINING! During your lessons, if you recommend a friend to join, they must use the Welcome Offer and you will be gifted a 1 hour driving lesson for FREE. No limits! Provide a positive Google and /or Facebook review and be gifted 1 hour driving lesson.  

How often should I have lessons?

This is entirely down to you. I recommend 1.5 hours each and every week. Block bookings will save you money, but are non refundable or transferrable. 

When is the best time to book my Theory Test?

If you have a Free theory test, this must be booked after the your first 10 hours are completed. Theory tests are best once you have revised and are ready. We can practice theory during your driving lesson if you wish to improve your confidence and knowledge. 

When will I know I am ready for a practical test?

During your lessons we will practice your practical test with mock tests. If you can pass a mock test with low driving faults. You will be ready, however during your lessons we will discuss your strengths and areas for improvement to help with this.

I can't afford today's lesson, can I pay later?

No, I fully appreciate that anything can happen that could affect you, however, everyone is expected to pay for their lessons in advance or before the lesson begins. Failure to provide enough notice to cancel a lesson(48 hours) under the terms and conditions, you are still required to pay for the cancelled lesson within 48 hours. If you decide not too, you are taken off your driving instructor's diary and no refunds or tests will be booked. 


I failed my test, what next? 


It can seem hard to want to continue, or you failed over something small, or your nerves got the best of you! I get it, been there myself. However you are still expected to continue with your lessons every week until your next practical test. In some situations, depending on the individual, you can have a lesson every other week or reduced hours. To be discussed when and if happens. My car is not provided purely for practical tests. The individual must be TEST ready. 

Please email me at if you have any other questions.

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